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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Surface Refinishing?

    Surface refinishing is a fast and affordable way to repair and restore bathtubs, tile showers, vanities, sinks, tile floors and kitchen countertops. We refinish your fixture in place. This saves you the hassle of demolition and the expense of replacement. In 2-3 days you will have a beautiful kitchen or bath and wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner!

    What do our Franchise Owner believe makes MM a Great opportunity?

    What is the Marketing support like from the Corporate Office?

    What are Franchise Owners Future?

    What Advice would a MM Franchise Owner Give me?

    Will my phone ring?

    This is almost always the #1 question for someone starting their own business … will people really call me? The answer is “Yes”!

    What are questions #2 and #3? How long do I have to wait? Will the phone ring in my location? The answers are … not very long … and absolutely!

    How can we be so confident with our answers? Because Miracle Method is a marketing company that provides refinishing services.

    Since 1979, we have pioneered the refinishing business. We know our customers’ needs and we have developed a comprehensive approach to educating the public and marketing our services.

    • We help guide and develop local ad plans
    • We provide all the tools for an entire marketing eco-system for your local market
    • We have online, secure access to all print, promotional and advertising assets
    • And most importantly, we provide the support and expertise to help you use all of our tools to successfully guide your marketing plan!

    Will your phone ring? Absolutely!

  • What will I do as a Miracle Method Franchise Owner?

    Successful Miracle Method franchise owners spend their time managing the development and growth of their business.

  • What do I get?

    Miracle Method’s track record of success is due to the fanatical support you receive from the day you sign your franchise agreement

    Help Starting My Business

    15 Days of Training: On the job technical training as well as marketing and sales training for your entire staff!

    Operations Manual: Web based manual that is constantly updated with new techniques and information.

    Corporate Vendor Discounts: We leverage our buying power and lower your cost of doing business.

    MM Exclusive! MM-4 Bonding Agent: Exclusive to Miracle Method franchise owners, MM-4 is the most effective bonding agent in the industry. It has been tested and proven to be far superior to dangerous hydrofluoric etching acids used by most competitors. MM-4 is provided at no cost, other than shipping, to Miracle Method franchises.

    Help Promoting my Business

    Marketing Plan customized to your territory.

    Startup Marketing Items: Business cards, letterhead, brochures, door hangers, inserts and other marketing tools.

    Marketing Tools: Access to an exclusive web portal with a vast arsenal of sales brochures, radio and television commercials, social media programs, truck signage, home show materials, showroom displays and more.

    Internet Presence: A professionally designed and highly ranked website where customers can call, email, or request an estimate. We even offer your own individual local website to showcase your local operation. (See an example)

    Corporate Advertising Support: Social Media content development, PR management, website development, branding and new ad creation, endorsed marketing partnership for SEO, Pay-per-Click and more!

    Help Growing my Business

    Technical Workshops: Miracle Method conducts workshops each year to teach new techniques and procedures.

    Corporate Convention: Held in cities across the country, the convention program concentrates on how to market and manage your business to meet your goals and grow profitably.

    Protected Territory: Your territory will be based on population and economic factors. Generally, a territory consists of 300,000 or more people.

    Online Discussion Forum for franchise owners to exchange ideas and tips.

    Fanatical Support: Proven technical, marketing and administrative systems.

  • How much can I make?

    How much money you can make is really up to you, your ambition, and how closely you follow Miracle Method’s system for running a refinishing business.

    The top 50% of our franchisees generate annual sales between $782,000 - $3,200,000.

    We cannot guarantee how much you will make, but we can offer you the opportunity to take control of your career and develop a business with the potential to generate over a million dollars in sales each year.

    Your income potential will directly depend on your individual sales and management skills, abilities, and ambition.

    The refinishing industry continues to grow rapidly! Increased awareness and improved technology are helping Miracle Method franchisees expand and prosper. Strong diversity of revenue from residential, commercial and government accounts create a great opportunity to minimize risks of changes in the economy. This is a great time to get into the refinishing business!

  • What do I need to get Started?

    Startup Capital

    Success requires adequate capitalization of $150k investable assets. How quickly you want to grow, the number of technicians you employ, and the cost of advertising will determine your exact capital requirements.

    Estimated Initial Startup Capital

    *The Initial Franchise Fee for a Miracle Method Franchise is the greater of $45,000 or $0.15 multiplied by the number of people in your territory. Our standard Miracle Method Franchise includes a protected territory (“Territory”) that contains approximately 300,000 people.
    **Total depends on the number of technicians you are planning to start with. Estimated startup is for a US based franchise (foreign or international franchise fees and costs are higher).

    What you pay us:

    Franchise Fee: Includes 15 days of intense training, a business & marketing startup package, protected territory, membership into the Miracle Method Network & proven support.


    What you need to start your business:

    Initial Equipment & Supplies ($6,000 per tech)

    $ 6,000-12,000

    Vehicle purchase, office setup, computer, start-up advertising, insurance, travel to training, operating capital etc.

    $33,500 – 88,000


    $84,500 - $180,000

    Miracle Method has relationships with several Business Financing & Funding groups depending upon your specific needs. We would be happy to make introductions for you.

    SBA Express Loans - Key Commercial Capital brings over 20 years experience and are experts in SBA Loans. SBA Express Loans are for amounts up to $150,000 with a 10 year term, fully amortized, no prepayment penalty and require no personal assets pledged as collateral. Click here for a no-obligation initial assessment of whether you are eligible.

    401(k) Rollovers & Other Financing -Guidant Financial, with over 14,000 entrepreneurs served and over 4 billion dollars funded, are highly professional and specialize in helping entrepreneurs use the existing value in their 401(k) to invest in a business. Click here for a no-obligation initial assessment to help you see if this option might be right for you.

    People Skills

    Good people skills are necessary for any small business owner. From managing and motivating your employees to meeting and serving the needs of your customers, how you interact with people and how they respond to you is very important. If people enjoy working for you and with you now, you’re a good candidate for owning your own business.


    Running a business is a full-time commitment. Between marketing, getting the work done, and managing employees, owning your own business is not a part-time occupation. Meeting your financial goals will require a commitment of time, money and energy. The greater your commitment, the greater the results!


    We realize that your background may not encompass all the technical, marketing, and administrative skills that a new business requires. Miracle Method's franchise program is designed to provide you with support in the areas where you need help. We provide plenty of resources and all the tools and training you need to be successful.

  • Will I have a protected territory?

    Your protected territory will be defined by zip codes and based upon a population of approximately 300,000 people. We offer options to acquire additional territory based upon performance and specific requirements agreeable to you and Miracle Method.

  • Is financing available?

    We may finance up to 50% of the Initial Franchise Fee, subject to our approval.

    Miracle Method has relationships with several Business Financing & Funding groups depending upon your specific needs. As part of the application, we can connect you to SBA loan experts.

  • Are there royalty fees?

    Miracle Method collects monthly royalties equal to 5.5% of gross revenue to cover the costs of providing on-going support including the development of new products and marketing tools.

  • Are there corporate advertising fees?

    Franchisees contribute 1.5% of monthly gross income to a Corporate Ad Fund that is used to benefit all Miracle Method franchisees and increase awareness of the brand.

  • Does Miracle Method arrange for vendor discounts?

    Franchisees buy directly from approved vendors, many of which offer Miracle Method franchisees significant discounts. We are constantly seeking ways to leverage our collective buying power to reduce operating expenses for our franchise owners.

  • How long will it take to get going?

    The average start-up time from signing a Franchise Agreement to opening for business ranges from 45 to 60 days. We provide checklists, critical path schedules and marketing plan assistance prior to training to assist you in making an effective transition through the start-up process. Our goal is to have your phone ringing before you return home from training.

  • What support can I expect?

    Technical Support… you will have access to a technical trainer, a franchisee message board, technical updates, annual technical workshops, and an ops manual with up to date SOP’s. You will always be able to get an answer to your technical questions or challenges.

    Marketing Support… you will receive startup marketing collateral, including business cards, letterhead, yard signs, door hangers, and sales brochures. We assist in developing a customized marketing plan for your territory and you will have access to Miracle Method’s vast library of television commercials, print ads, social media content, print and promotional materials, vehicle signage, home show materials, display ads, and more. The marketing team will be available to you for advice and direction to keep your advertising and marketing effective and persuasive.

    In addition, a customized local website is created for you so customers can find your phone number, email you, request an estimate and read about your particular services.

    Corporate Advertising Support… Social Media content development, PR management, website development, branding and new ad creation, endorsed marketing partnership for SEO, Pay-Per-Click and more!

    Administrative Support… you will benefit from Miracle Method’s expertise in accounting, IT and operations. Members of our corporate staff are experts on Quick Books Online, our CRM software, and operational and product management. After your initial training in these areas, you are only a phone call or email away from additional help whenever you need it.

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