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The Right Profile – for Success

We are selective in who we choose as our franchisees. Our ideal candidates are motivated, able to follow processes & procedures, and can manage a business.

The profile for our most successful franchisees are:

  • Managers – they hire employees and delegate to grow their businesses
  • Willing to learn – they take advantage of the network support to improve their operations and profitability
  • Multi-talented – they are able to juggle many aspects of running a business
  • Salespeople – they enjoy helping their customers solve problems & save money
  • Competitive – they set goals to achieve their ambitions

Our Owner/Manager Business Model

You will follow our proven management model to grow your business. We don’t expect you to personally refinish bathtubs and countertops, we expect you to manage and develop your business. While you will learn and understand the process of refinishing, you will spend most of your time selling and managing, rather than doing the actual work.

Corporate Support –We’re Here to Help You

Learn more about our technical and business training, corporate support and marketing tools in the “What support can I expect” section of our FAQ’s.

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This industry is growing at a staggering pace and protected markets are being purchased quickly. Don’t miss out, seize your local markets and grab your portion of the $500 billion home and remodeling business!

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